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Specialty Services

35mm Slides, Photo Albums, Slide Shows and Green Screen Photography

Scanning 35mm Slides and Photo Albums to CD 

Scans will be in JPEG format at 300 ppi resolution, photo edit and color correction. Scanning could take up to 2 weeks to complete


Up to 350 slides/image  $.35 per slide
351-700 slides/images  $.25 per slide
701-1050 slides/images  $.15 per slide
1051-2000 slides/images  $.10 per slide
over 2000 slides/images $.05 per slide

Have a lot of slide but can't pay for it all at once; you can do a little at a time. Contact me for details.

Slide Shows Specialist For all Occasions and Events


Included with Standard, Greeting Card and Business slide shows (exceptions where noted.)  2-4 DVDs(pending on event), Customized Jewel Case and Disc covers, CD of all photos used in show, Scanning, Photo Editing and Touch up, Minor Repair, Main Menu, Transitions and Effects, If needed, assistance with sorting images, Preview, Our "Piece of Mind" Policy and All Works are Archived.

Package 1:
40 - 109 photos, duration varies average time 8 minutes, 3 songs       $150

Package 2:
110 - 169 photos, duration varies average time 12 minutes, 5 songs   $180

170 - 229 photos, duration varies average time 16 minutes, 7 songs   $215

More then 229 photos add $30 for every 60 photos.
Duration of the slide show depends on the length of the music.

Green Screen Photography $115

Green Screen Photography is essentially having your portrait taken in front of a green backdrop then a background scene of your choice is put in place of the green backdrop.

Amenities include items that are in the portrait section of the pricing tab and the background(s) of your choice.

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