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My apologizes for how this looks. Every attempt to show all of the face for each player, it returns to this format. If you know the team they play on, search for that team (they are in alphabetical order), click on the images, it will automatically enlarge the photo, until you find your player. Again I apologize for the inconvenience.

Once you found your player(s), I need the following information. 1 do you wish to have a retake or is it OK, 2 the Player(s) name and 3 the photo information at the bottom of each image. Example: OK/Retake, John/Jane Doe, Avenger 123. Send your response to me via email or text (information is on my Home Page). I will need your response ASAP,  make up/retakes need to be done this week, Possibly Thursday or another day TBA.


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